Books & Journals

2024 SoulAlchemy Planner 

A planner and spiritual journal alchemized together to help you manifest your dreams! Inside are pages to help you plan your month and align your heart, mind, and actions. This planner was created so that you can take control of your life, and feel empowered to live Abundantly Ever After.

Healing Single Mothers

A work in progress dedicated to reclaiming the sacredness of motherhood.

Major Key Divination Journal

A journal created to gain wisdom and insight on the key energies impacting you. 

Tarot Challenge Journal

Need a way to keep track of your monthly divination challenges? This journal is perfect for completing and recording your monthly Tarot or Oracle card challenges. Inside this updated edition, are pages for 6 monthly challenges, plus space for 3 card or Celtic Cross readings.

Tarot and Oracle Reading Journal

If you need a space to keep track of your card of the day readings, look no further. Filled with spaces for 3 card, 4 card, and Celtic Cross readings, this Tarot journal gives you the space you need to connect with spirit.


You are a Mother. Period! You lack nothing. It's time for you to stand in your power as a Mother and release the notion of 'single'.

Get exclusive, behind the scenes details of  my upcoming book, Healing Single Mothers.