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Healing Single Mothers Book

My first book dedicated to reclaiming the sacredness of motherhood.

As you read this book, know that this is a walk in my shoes. Maybe our paths weren’t exactly the same. Perhaps you know nothing of life that exists like this. Either way this book is medicine. I was able to transform my pain into love.

My darkest moments of life prepared me to be a shepherd for others who were also hurting. 

I never imagined that motherhood would be a stain on my existence.


Healing Single Mothers

It took me a long time before I the word mother, or motherhood didn’t elicit a negative response for me. Becoming a young mother was not my goal or my plan. 

I wanted to be a sports physician or kinesiologist and travel all over helping athletes heal and perform at their best. Life on the other hand had something else in store for me. I gave birth to my daughter Kaylah at the age of 20. This was my first experience with Motherhood.

I wish I could tell you about all the love and support I received, but I can’t. I didn’t even have a baby shower, but what I was showered with was shame, guilt, and judgment. I didn’t become pregnant because of unsafe sex practices. I got pregnant because the guy I had sex with didn’t tell me the condom broke.

Trauma in Motherhood
  • Bearing All the Burden in our society, women are to blame. When a grown man is discovered to be a serial killer, it's always his relationship with his mother that caused him to murder. If a woman becomes a single mother it's her fault. Period. Point Blank. End of Story!
  • AdultBoys explores the wounded masculine and why so many men abandon their children leaving women to carry the full load of parenting alone. Even as women choose better, more and more are finding there is a shortage on healed men.
  • Motherhood Trauma often not discussed or acknowledge is the trauma that women go through on the journey of motherhood. From the changes in our physical bodies, to the preparing of our minds for motherhood, and all the changes that happen in between. As beautiful as being a mom is, let's face it... it is traumatic in many ways.
  • Divine Feminine Imbalance happens when you have to be strong all the time. If you are coming from a place of wounding and being guarded all the time, you take on more masculine attributes. No, I'm not saying you're a man, but I'm saying that you're not able to embrace your divine feminine nature.
Transforming Motherhood
  • Empowered Single Mothers sounds much better than 'single mother'. Single denotes lack, and you lack nothing! After exploring the trauma of motherhood, we begin to reframe mother in a positive light so you can develop a healthy mindset and release shame, guilt, and judgment.
  • Momspiration: Guidance on Your Healing Journey letting go and moving forward can be challenging if you're not sure how to do it. Here you'll find practices to help you forgive and embrace self love, and I'll introduce you to living Abundantly Ever After the pain and trauma of your past.
  • Sacred Motherhood is what this book is all about, taking you from a single mom, to a Sacred Mother. Things go deeper exploring the spiritual aspects of motherhood and how to live and parent in alignment.
  • This book takes you on a journey of healing, from being a single mother to embracing your role as a Sacred Mother.

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Healing Single Mothers is a work in progress and not yet available for pre-order or purchase. Keep in touch with me to learn when it's available.

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